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Bill Summaries: 2017–2018

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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Bill                Latest Summary VersionSubjectVersions     
HF 501Delete-everything amendment H0501DE2Grant for voice response suicide prevention and mental health crisis response program 
HF 502First engrossmentDedicating the portion of sales taxes from the sales of motor vehicle tires to the highway user tax distribution fundAll versions
HF 503As introducedIncome tax subtraction for retirement pay of CIA agents 
HF 504As introducedProvides a retroactive sales tax exemption for a certain nonprofit retail development 
HF 505First engrossmentAppropriating funding for the Veterans Defense Project 
HF 513As amended by the author's amendment (H0513DE1)Extend working family tax credit to on-reservation earnings 
HF 514First engrossmentProperty tax exemption for medical clinic owned by tribeAll versions
HF 516With author's amendment (H0516A1)Increase working family tax credit 
HF 518As introducedComplex Pediatric Home Care Nursing 
HF 521As introducedIncome tax credit and deduction for contributions to section 529 college savings plans 
HF 526As introducedEstablishing the Board of Occupational Therapy Practice 
HF 527As introducedWind energy production tax 
HF 529As introducedTargeted case management; interactive video 
HF 532As introducedSales tax exemption for construction materials used in rebuilding after the Melrose fire; provides a grant to the city 
HF 533As introducedLocal sales tax authorized for the Garrison, Kathio, West Mille Lacs Lake sanitary district 
HF 534As introducedCounty officers 
HF 535The delete everything amendment (H0535DE1)Willmar school district 
HF 536As introducedAllows the city of New London to impose a local sales tax for various projects 
HF 537As introducedAllows the city of Spicer to impose a local sales tax for various projects 
HF 538As introducedPlan requirements for elementary and secondary students 
HF 547As IntroducedChild and Adult Care Food Program 
HF 550As introducedFabrication Lab Grant 
HF 552As introducedRulemaking authority 
HF 554As introducedAllows the city of Fergus Falls to impose a local sales tax for its library 
HF 555As introducedProperty tax reduction for veterans' community service organizations 
HF 559As introducedInvestment of hospital funds 
HF 561As introducedFarm advocates 
HF 564As introducedClassifying data maintained by the Public Employment Relations Board 
HF 566As introducedPort development assistance program 
HF 574First engrossment, with author's amendment (H0574A3)Individual income tax credit for teachers who obtain a master's degree in their field of licensureAll versions
HF 575The delete-everything amendment (A17-0466)Omnibus capital investment 
HF 579As introducedClarifying the definition of end user for digital products. 
HF 582First engrossmentSupplemental nursing services agenciesAll versions
HF 584As introducedMoped disability plates 
HF 586Second engrossmentEstablishing a trust fund to pay local governments for lands purchased using dedicated revenuesAll versions
HF 587First engrossmentUnclaimed propertyAll versions
HF 591As introducedEducational Assistance to Translators Who Aided U.S. Troops 
HF 593Second engrossmentInvestigations, background checks, and disciplinary action against real estate appraisersAll versions
HF 597As introducedWhite Earth Band of Ojibwe Human Services 
HF 599As introducedLegislative Budget Office 
HF 600Second engrossmentUniformity of private employer employment regulations; express preemption of local government private employment regulationsAll versions
HF 602As introducedK-12 education credit and subtraction extended to preK expenses 
HF 603Delete everything amendment (A17-0256)Property tax division reportAll versions
HF 604As introducedFamily childcare unionization repeal 
HF 605As amended by the author's amendment (H0605A1)Allowing an exemption for city celebration, modifying some other fundraising exemption provisions 
HF 606As introducedPhasing-out the state general levy on C/I property over five years 
HF 607As introducedResident Tuition Relief Grants 
HF 608First engrossmentTax credits related to beginning farmersAll versions
HF 609As introducedCounty program aid 
HF 610As introducedAgricultural homestead rules—property owned by trusts 
HF 612As introducedConstruction codes—issuing certificates of occupancy 
HF 613As introducedAllows the city of North Mankato to impose a food and beverage tax 
HF 615As introducedConform to federal section 179 allowances 
HF 620As introducedAppropriation for the East Side Enterprise Center 
HF 622With author's amendment (H0622A1)Definition of resident for income and estate tax purposes 
HF 625As introducedIncreasing Community Education Revenue 
HF 628As introducedSystems statements, Metropolitan Land Planning Act 
HF 629First engrossmentMedical Assistance (MA) estate claims modificationsAll versions
HF 630First engrossmentCounty aid; out-of-home placement costs under Indian Child Welfare ActAll versions
HF 631First engrossmentYouth Skills Training ProgramAll versions
HF 632As introducedApprenticeship training facilities exemption modified 
HF 633As introducedMnDOT state road construction appropriation 
HF 635First engrossmentLewis and Clark Regional Water SystemAll versions
HF 636As introducedProperty tax on farms operated by beginning farmers 
HF 638First engrossment with author's amendment (H0638A1)Allocating sales tax on motor vehicle parts to the highway user tax distributionAll versions
HF 641As introducedHospital surcharge exemption 
HF 643First engrossmentBoard of medical practice title protection and disciplinary actionAll versions
HF 646As introducedMinnesota Reading Corps 
HF 652As IntroducedSchool food service contracts 
HF 653As introducedGreater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure grant program 
HF 654As introducedDates for local referenda related to spending; reverse referendum for certain property taxes 
HF 655As introducedPine County, appointment of the auditor-treasurer 
HF 656As introducedIncome tax subtraction for health insurance premiums 
HF 658As introducedEconomic development—appropriating money for a study 
HF 659As introducedExpands the allowed uses of the New Ulm local sales tax revenues 
HF 661As introducedHomestead credit refund; manufactured home park cooperatives 
HF 663As introduced2014 local government aid (LGA) penalty forgiveness 
HF 665As introducedCredit for educator expenses 
HF 670As introducedCompensatory Revenue Pilot Project Made Permanent 
HF 671As introducedBorder city aid 
HF 672As introducedProvides for local government aid (LGA) appropriation increases 
HF 673As introducedAgriculture education 
HF 675As IntroducedAllowing districts and schools to stock asthma inhalers 
HF 676As introducedPesticide and fertilizer application contracts 
HF 678First engrossmentLaw enforcement memorial special plateAll versions
HF 685First engrossmentFree annual park pass for disabled veterans and members of the militaryAll versions
HF 686As introducedDairy authority 
HF 689As introducedInnovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program grants 
HF 691First engrossmentState Government Finance BillAll versions
HF 696Third engrossmentModifying child foster care background studies, home and community-based services, and the disability waiver rate systemAll versions
HF 697First engrossmentLeave of absence following election to tribal council officeAll versions
HF 701As introducedModifying work time restrictions for high school students aged 18 and older 
HF 707Third engrossmentOmnibus Legacy BillAll versions
HF 710First engrossmentOutdoor Heritage Fund AppropriationsAll versions
HF 711As introducedFederally Qualified Health Center Payment Method and Grants 
HF 712First engrossmentSubstitution of Biological ProductsAll versions
HF 713First engrossmentSafe harbor; statewide sex trafficking victims strategic planAll versions
HF 714As introducedSafe harbor; appropriations for shelter, services, and other activities 
HF 718As introduced2013 local government aid (LGA) penalty forgiveness for the city of Oslo 
HF 719As introducedMinnesota Math Corps 
HF 723First engrossmentCCAP Maximum Reimbursement RatesAll versions
HF 725As introducedProvides a Pay 2017 local government aid (LGA) adjustment for a newly incorporated town 
HF 726As introducedPhasing-out the state general levy over six years 
HF 728First engrossmentVeterans affairs; appropriating money for veterans support; providing a veterans nursing home tax creditAll versions
HF 729First EngrossmentElections policy omnibusAll versions
HF 731As introducedCompulsory instruction in citizenship 
HF 732As introducedMaple Grove tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 733As introducedAdvanced practice registered nurses licensure 
HF 734First engrossmentEducation Partnerships program and appropriationsAll versions
HF 735As introducedStillbirth credit 
HF 736As introducedFamily and medical leave 
HF 737As amended by the author's amendment (H0737A1)Mental health innovation grant programAll versions
HF 738As introducedAllows the city of Fairmont to impose a local sales tax for various projects 
HF 739As amended by the H0739A10 amendmentPlacement of small wireless facilitiesAll versions
HF 740First engrossmentMotor vehicle franchisesAll versions
HF 742The delete everything amendment (H0742DE1)Correctional Segregation 
HF 743First engrossmentGrant program; primary care and mental health professions clinical trainingAll versions
HF 744As introducedMinnesota Health Care Workforce Council 
HF 745First engrossmentCorporal Benjamin S. Kopp BridgeAll versions
HF 747As introducedUtilization Review and Prior Authorization for Prescription Drugs 
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