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Dayton’s budget proposal prioritizes health, education and transportation


Gov. Mark Dayton on Tuesday released a two-year, $45.8 billion biennial budget proposal that includes an expansion of MinnesotaCare, increased education spending and an increase in the state’s gas tax.

The spending plan, called “An Opportunity Agenda for a Better Minnesota,” is about $1.2 billion more than the current two-year budget. It includes expansion to the working family and child care tax credits, would close corporate tax loopholes and include sales tax “clarifications.”

To offset the increased spending, which includes a $312 million insurance premium relief bill, the budget banks on the state’s November forecast that projects a $1.4 billion surplus.

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Event Schedule

House Property Tax and Local Government Finance Division
Monday, February 27 2017 10:00 AM
Watch: Live Event
HF36 (Garofalo) Storage condominiums; non-commercial property tax classification established.
HF767 (Mariani) Homestead classification applications allowed to use federal taxpayer identification numbers in lieu of Social Security numbers.
HF818 (Petersburg) Electric generation facility exempted.
HF910 (Hilstrom) Disabled veterans homestead created maximum exclusion amount extended to veterans with a 100 percent temporary disability rating, and maximum excluded amount increased to $400,000.
HF938 (Sundin) Carlton County; tax for recreation purposes authorized.
HF958 (Sundin) Cloquet Area fire and Ambulance Taxing District modified.
HF1085 (Lueck) Additional assessor accreditation requirement repealed.
HF1178 (Anderson, P.) Workforce housing projects authorized.
HF200 (Lien) Agricultural land study on valuation based on production value provided, report required, and money appropriated.
HF465 (Drazkowski) Rail project expenditures and other powers restricted, and project insurance required.

House Ways and Means Committee *
Monday, February 27 2017 10:15 AM
Watch: Live Event
HF600 (Garofalo) Employment mandates on private employers uniformity provided, and money appropriated.
HF778 (Anderson, S.) Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority data classification provided, board appointments modified, duties modified, and use of stadium suites restricted.
Presentation by Department of Human Services on Medical Assistance.
* The committee may recess and reconvene in the evening.

House Legacy Funding Finance Committee
Monday, February 27 2017 1:00 PM
Watch: Live Event
HF1098 (Urdahl) Canoemobile program funding provided, and money appropriated.
HF788 (Urdahl) Minnesota Film and TV Board funding provided, and money appropriated.
HF730 (Murphy, M.) Minnesota State Band funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
HF717 (Green) Culvert replacement grant funding provided, and money appropriated.
HF710 (Uglem) Outdoor Heritage Fund money appropriated, and recipient requirements modified.
HF586 (Drazkowski) State-purchased land annual payment funds using dedicated revenues established, payment in lieu of taxes requirements modified, and money appropriated.
HF511 (Fenton) Woodbury; Miller Barn restoration and programing funding provided, and money appropriated.
HF143 (Green) Counties allowed to file no net gain policies, and land sales required.
HF569 (Urdahl) State Capitol grand opening music funding provided, and money appropriated.
HF294 (Urdahl) Public television funding provided, and money appropriated.
HF1464 (Urdahl) Civic education grant funding provided, and money appropriated.
Department of Administration presentation and fund request.

House Veterans Affairs Division
Monday, February 27 2017 1:00 PM
Watch: Live Event
HF1223 (Poston) Military and veteran eligibility requirements for permits and licenses modified.
HF1318 (Poston) Veterans preference in hiring in the legislature and state courts established.
HF1597 (Howe) State veterans cemetery burial fee for spouses and dependents of eligible veterans removed.
HF1438 (Bliss) Veterans Journey Home grant funding provided, and money appropriated.
HF1526 (Bliss) Veterans Journey Home grant funding provided, and money appropriated.
HF1527 (Bliss) Support Our Troops account money use modified.
County Veterans Service Officers Association presentation.

House Floor Session
Monday, February 27 2017 3:30 PM
Watch: Live Event
HF22 (Smith) Trusts exempted from reporting requirements.

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Committee deadlines

The 2017 committee deadlines are:

  • March 10 — committees must act favorably on bills in the house of origin;
  • March 17 — committees must act favorably on bills, or companion bills, that met the first deadline in the other house; and,
  • March 31 — committees must act favorably on major appropriation and finance bills.
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